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Grid-Tie Battery Backup Solar Energy

Why is this such an optimal setup for your solar energy system? Why do so many people choose this option? Before we get into why it’s so great, let’s talk about what grid-tie battery backup even means.

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What is a Grid-Tie Battery Backup Solar Energy

A grid-tie battery backup system is the perfect union between a connection to civilization and suburban self-reliance. It’s a simple combo of two different things. A connection between your PV panels and the local power grid, as well as battery energy storage at your home.

Connection to the grid allows you to take advantage of net metering. This allows panels to work well despite their limitations at night and in winter. Batteries allow you to be protected during outages and will enable you to save money in areas that have those pesky time-of-use rates.


Electrical Power Grid Tied to Home Residential Solar Panels

Grid-Tie vs. Off-Grid

Off-grid power is one of the main alternatives to a grid-tied system. Off-grid is exactly what it sounds like, a separation from the power grid. It means you are totally in control, but also totally responsible for your power. Off-grid may sound nice when you think about being completely grid-independent. As great as it may seem to leave society’s ailing power grid behind once and for all, there are some benefits to maintaining a connection.

Solar panels rock, but they have one crippling limitation…Darkness. At night they don’t produce power. In the winters they produce a lot less power than in the summer. If you had a lot of batteries you could potentially charge them up enough during the day to power your home all through the night.

Battery Backup for the Grid Tie Residential Solar Operation

Battery Backup

Large batteries serve as backup power for your home. You can start with one, and then keep adding. In most cases, this backup power will only cover the most essential power draws on a home. Batteries can often power the critical loads of a home. Things like the lights and the fridge, or even essential medical equipment. 

While a battery backup isn’t necessary, they are extremely helpful to have. Most people don’t realize that in the event of a power outage, solar panels and inverters are required to shut off power production.

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