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When you install with Big Dog Solar you’re not just getting the trust of a reputable company. You’re getting our team of engineers, designers, and certified installers.

The Best Tech. The Best Technicians

We carry the latest and greatest panels, inverters, and batteries. We also offer a great variety of options to fit the complex needs of different jobs.

Solar Design, Permitting, and Installation Done For You

City permits, electrical designs, wiring diagrams, utility company proposals, and more. We’ll take care of all the paperwork and hassle for you.

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Years of Local service

Why Big Dog Solar?

For over 40 years energy prices have continued to rise. So rather than watch them rise for another 40 years without doing anything about it, solar power allows you to get control over your energy costs and save thousands of dollars while doing it.

Simple Process

We are with you to guide you through the process step by step. From planning to installation we have you covered.

Save Money

Because of the volume of installs we do, we can source system components for lower costs and pass the savings along to you.


Our work is guaranteed and most components include a 25 year warranty.


We install directly with crews who are familiar with the demands of the local region.

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Free quote and no obligation. Simple installation process.

Explore Solar Options

Power Your Home

Are you one of the many homeowners that are considering installing solar panels for home energy efficiency? Let us help!

Energize Your Business

Commercial solar power has the potential to save businesses and building owners more money each year. Let us help!

Harvest The Sun

Farms and agricultural properties are perfect for saving money and adding revenue streams with solar power. Learn how you can start putting money back in your pocket!

Big Dolg Solar: Solar Energy Company

Big Dog Solar Energy has been installing photovoltaic systems for over a decade. We are proud to partner with other solar industry leaders to provide the best systems.

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