How Solar Energy Systems Work

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August 26, 2016

How Does Solar Energy For Houses Work?

In late 2012 hurricane Sandy tore through the streets of New Jersey leaving around 4.7 million people without power in over 15 states. Power outages, most not nearly this dramatic, are an occasional occurrence of life and have affected almost everyone. For some, it can be liberating to have control over their own power, which is exactly what solar energy systems can help you do. Solar panel systems convert the light from the sun into direct current (DC) electricity. That current is then housed in an inverter where it is converted into energy used for everyday appliances such as TV’s and refrigerators. This energy is called alternating current or AC electricity.

Different Types of Solar Systems

When using solar energy, there are three different types of systems to choose from: a grid-tie system, a grid-tie system with battery backup or an off-grid system. Whichever you choose they all offer many benefits.

Grid-Tie Solar

A Grid-Tie System is linked to a power utility company, which is then connected to your household power. If the amount of energy produced is less than the amount of energy needed, electricity from the power utility company will make up the difference.

Battery Backup Solar

A grid-tie system with battery backup is similar to a regular grid-tie system, the difference being that if the power goes out with your electric company you have a battery backup that is still providing power to your home.

Off-Grid Solar

An off-grid system provides complete independence to its users, with no reliance on power companies.

Tracking your Solar Energy

It is important you have a way to track the energy your solar panels produce. An easy way to do this is by using a solar energy meter. Once the energy is converted into alternating current, it can then be processed by a solar energy meter. This meter keeps track of how much energy is being produced as well as how much energy is being used. If less energy is being produced than is needed, a grid-tie system can be used to help make up the difference.

Why Should I Choose Solar Energy?

Using solar energy can offer you many benefits. Solar panel systems can offer you a great return on a wise investment. Electric bills can make up a large part of everyday living expenses. By using solar energy, your costs can be significantly reduced. Pollution reduction as well as renewable energy sources can help improve the environment and preserve the earth’s fossil fuel resources. Likewise, one of the most appealing aspects of solar power systems is your ability to have control over the energy being produced. Being completely self-sufficient is a source of independence and power, an even better kind than what solar panels can produce. Contact a Big Dog Solar specialist to learn more about energy independence.

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