Solar Power in Iowa

Iowa Solar Energy Installation

The Solar Energy industry in Iowa is growing at a rapid rate. As a midwestern state relatively free of air pollution, Iowa has approximately 5 hours of good solar producing sunlight per day, over the course of a year. Factor that in with a state average of 13.81 cents per kW electric rate, then independent solar generation seems like a logical option to look into, for both homeowners and businesses.

From Sioux City to Davenport, and everywhere in between, Big Dog solar has you covered. Based out of Cedar Rapids, we have been serving Iowans for over a decade. 

Aside from the environmental benefits, Iowa offers state incentives, along in addition to the Federal Solar ITC
Credit which allows you to claim a certain percentage of the cost of your solar installation on your tax bill.

Please click here for more information on utility incentive programs and property and sales tax exemptions.

Types of Solar Power Systems

Grid Tie
Solar Systems

Grid Tie with Battery Backup Solar

Off Grid Solar for Remote Sites

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Big Dog Solar Energy has been installing photo-voltaic systems for nearly a decade. We are proud to partner with other solar industry leaders to provide the best systems.

Roof Mounted Solar

Roof Mounted Solar is great for:

  • Saving space
  • Having a streamlined appearance
  • Increasing property value
  • Protecting your roof from normal wear and tear

Ground Mounted Solar

Ground Mounted Solar is great for:

  • Adjusting the orientation of panels
  • Choosing the sunniest place of your yard
  • Not being limited on space

Net Metering Solar in Iowa

Net metering is a huge advantage to solar users as it provides an option to get credit for any overabundance of energy they obtained. In Colorado, “any customer’s net excess generation (NEG) in a given month is applied as a kilowatt-hour (kWh) credit to the customer’s next bill.” For more information on net metering in Colorado please visit this page.

Begin Your Journey to Energy Independence

Free quote and no obligation. Simple installation process.


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