Grid-tie Solar Systems

with Battery Backup

Peace of Mind with Grid-tie Solar and Battery Backup

Peace of mind and security can be fleeting and often-times hard to find. However, when you add a battery bank backup with your grid-tie solar system, you can feel confident that you’ll be able to have the necessary power when needed. The trick is knowing when you’ll need it, and the fact of the matter is we never really know. Anytime the utility company shuts down or loses power, so do we. And unless it’s a planned outage with an advanced warning given (which we all know rarely happens), we are left in the dark as to when outages occur and how long they will last. That’s the beauty of a battery backup solar system. We don’t have to solely rely on the local power company. 

Grid-tie Systems versus Grid-tie With Battery Back-up Systems

Traditional grid-tie systems are systems in which solar panels are placed as a roof mount, a ground mount, or elsewhere, and then the light and energy from the sun is gathered through the panels and is then transferred to an inverter, which converts the power into usable energy. With the basic grid-tie system, there is a connection with the utility company, however, there is no battery backup system, and so if there were to be a power outage, your reliance on connectivity to the grid means you would be completely without power even with having the solar panels installed. And so, in order to not be stuck without power and to be able to be self-sustaining in the case of an emergency, your best option is to have a grid-tie system with battery back-up which gives you the option to both use the utility company when needed and build credit with them, and be self-sustaining in case of an emergency.

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What are Grid-tie Solar Systems?

There are several types of solar power systems, but unlike the off-grid system, a grid-tie solar system is one in which solar panels are installed on your home, business, or other area, and then the solar power and light from the sun is collected through the panels, which energy is then transferred to an inverter, which then allows you to utilize the power for your needs. Any excess energy that is gathered is then transferred to your utility company through the grid, and because of your energy contribution, the utility company will typically give you credit for the excess solar power you provide.

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Save Money and Be Prepared with a Grid-tie with Battery Back-up System

With the grid-tie system with battery backup solar system you can feel safe knowing that you are prepared in case of an emergency, and are also saving money on your electric bill each month, plus using a power system that is environmentally friendly. Begin saving money and becoming more self-sustaining today by contacting Big Dog Solar to find out about a solar power installation system to meet your needs.