Off-Grid Solar System

Off-grid Solar Power Systems Provide Independence

Perhaps you are like many other Americans who, for whatever reason, want or need to live completely on your own, disconnected from the rest of society as a whole. In other words, “off-the-grid”. There could be a number of reasons that being off-grid is important. You may have a remote residence, such as a cabin that does not have adequate access to public utilities without extremely high costs. Perhaps you have past experiences that make you hesitant to “tie-in” to the public utilities and rely on them for power. Or, maybe you have some well-founded questions and fears about the future security of the power grid. Whatever the case may be, building an off-grid-solar system provides an excellent alternative energy source with complete independence.

The Sun’s Solar Energy is a Natural Source of Power

In order to be completely self-sustaining, and independent of a utility company, you need utilize a natural and environmentally-friendly source of power such as the sun. The sun’s power can be collected and used through solar photovoltaic modules, or solar panels, which can be installed as a roof mount, ground mount, or elsewhere. There are different types of solar panel systems, however, if you want to be completely self-sustaining in terms of power, your best option is to install an off-grid solar power system.

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Off-grid Solar Power Systems

Off-grid solar systems are powered by energy from the sun, which energy is collected through solar panels and is then taken to an inverter, which then transfers the energy into usable energy. The power collected through the solar panels is then stored in batteries, which can then be used to power all your home needs. The best thing about off-grid solar power systems is that you are able to be completely energy independent from a utility company because you are not at all connected to the grid, and instead use the battery back-up as the primary source for all your power needs.

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Totally Independent Power Source System

Most everyone is already connected to the grid and because of that they are completely dependent upon the utility system for power, so in case of an emergency or power outage, they are stuck without power and have to wait for the utility company to fix it before they will have power again. Even if you have a grid-tie solar system, the use of your energy is still dependent on the utility company being active and running. That is unless you have a solar system with battery backup. You do not have to be stuck without power in such a case. You can have peace of mind and can have the security of being independent of the utility company if you have an off-grid solar system.

Battery Backup for Residential Solar

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To begin your energy independence today, and have confidence knowing that you are secure and prepared in case of a power outage, talk with a solar energy specialist about an off-grid solar power system. We can help provide the peace of mind that comes when you don’t have to rely on others for your energy.