Mitch and the Customer

Video Transcription

Salesman: So, you’re interested in solar?

Customer: Yeah, I’ve been seeing your facebook videos, and finally decided it’s time to go solar.

Salesman: Yeah those videos are good huh?

Customer: Yeah they’re great! I mean the guy on the videos is a little obnoxious, but the information is good.

Salesman: ………….Yeah he’s pretty funny….. Anyway, let’s take a look at your power bill and see what we can do.

Customer: Yeah it’s right here.

Salesman: Perfect, yeah this is looking really good.

Customer: You know, I’m glad they sent you instead of that guy from the videos, he doesn’t seem like the type of guy who is very good with numbers if you know what I mean.

Salesman: Yeah…..Totally…. So we could get an install crew here in just a couple of weeks!

Customer: Yeah sounds great! Let me know if that guy from the facebook videos shows up, I don’t want his bald head to get sunburned, so I have a hat he can wear.

Salesman: Oh thanks! That’s really considerate of you!

Customer: Yeah! Anyway, super excited about getting solar!

Salesman: Well I’m excited for you! Oh hey Mitch.

Mitch: Oh, hey.

Customer: Wait, wait, what?

Mitch: Hey nice shorts.

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