Mitch's Solar System Example

Video Transcription

This is Mitch from Big Dog with my boy Braden and just like everyone else in America, today we are home. I am a Big Dog employee but what some people don’t know, is that I am also a Big Dog customer. WE are going to show you our own little system. Here we have our living room, it’s pretty awesome! 

Camera Man: Hi Mitch’s wife!

Melanie: Hi!

Mitch: So on our solar array we have 15, 280 watt panels, and that covers all of the production that we need for the year. Here’s our wall of fame for all of the kids artwork. Ta-Da! Covid homeschool 101. Well naturally, it’s good to have some sort of backup power in case something happens. Everything here is tied to the batteries, which means on these circuits we can use. Sometimes I like to just go up on the roof and enjoy myself, catch some rays, enjoy some time with panels. Living the dream baby! Anyway, that’s my house, that’s my family, that’s my solar system, you know more about me that my own Mother. Have a great day, see ya later! “Welcome to my world yoast!” -Remember the Titans.


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