Smart Choices By Going Solar

Video Transcription

Speaker 1: People are always selling me on something. There’s very few people that are genuine, what they say is what it is. That’s Brad, it’s Big Dog, and those are the boys.




Speaker 2: Dude, I want solar just ’cause I think being self-sufficient is a big deal. If you look at your power bill, the people that use the least amount of power get charged less, period. And for me I just can’t stand getting charged more than the minimum so I went solar.




S2: Some of my neighbors have asked me why in the winter you’re putting solar panels on but the reality is if you get the right system, you’re able to bank enough credits to have your power bill free anyway through the winter so I don’t even care about the snow.


Speaker 3: Do you think there’s a bad time to go solar?


S2: When the sun falls out of the sky.



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