Seven Steps to Solar Setup

Video Transcription

Speaker 1: Hey guys, Mitch here with Big Dog. Today, we’re gonna walk you through the seven steps of getting set up with solar. Step one: We do a site survey, which can be as easy as taking pictures and information from your sales consultant, or we send in the real professionals and they get all the dirty details. Step two: Plans and design. This is when our professional team of designers will sit on the computer like this, and they will lay out how your panels are supposed to look so that they can send that out for your approval, and approval to our engineering team to make sure it’s all compliant. Bada bing, bada boom. Step three: Permitting.


S1: We have to get permits to do our job, so it’s all legal on the up and up. So we submit those and hope that they come back quickly, but sometimes it can take a few weeks. So we just wait. Usually it’s pretty quick. Step four: The installation takes place. Better than Disneyland, baby. This is where magic happens. This is when your crew shows up, they put panels on your house, they tie into your electrical panel, they get it all set up to tie into the grid and everything. Real magic happens here, baby. Step four: We’re done with that part. I’ll do step five. Numero cinco: The inspection. A pretty simple process, but we have to schedule that and wait for a few days for somebody to come out and tell us we did a really good job. Step six: Meter swap. All we gotta do is have your utility company come and swap out your old panel for the bright, new shiny one that gives you credits for everything you produce. And finally step seven: System turn on. You are actively a solar customer and we’ve got you set up on monitoring so you can see all the gorgeous credits you’re earning Congratulations. See you later. [laughter] Should work!

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