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The Design Phase

Here's what's coming up

You just had a “welcome call” with a customer success team member. We’re starting to get into the fun part of solar! Our design experts are already working on proposals for your system design. Here’s a refresher so you know how we can best work together.

Approve Design

Our design team has already started making you a custom system design. When you get the design it’ll give you every detail you could want on your new solar system.

You’ll know how much of your energy it’ll produce, the number of panels, the inverter type, and even the orientation of the panels on your roof. To keep the process of solar going smoothly, we want to hear your feedback as soon as we can.

As soon as we have an approved design we can get to the next step!

Schedule Install

Once we have the required permits and documentation we’ll get you scheduled for an install at the earliest date that we can. These installs usually take about a day, but it could take a few days depending on other factors.

These factors can include the complexity and height of your roof as well as the size of the system. Larger systems will often take a longer time to install.


Inspections come next. These can be annoying to wait for, as sometimes we’re waiting on the city or other organizations to send out an inspector. They are crucial though. Inspectors make sure that we are doing our job, and that wiring, mounting, and installation will last decades.

When the system passes inspection, we give the green light to the power company. They send out a technician to install a new power meter. Do not turn on your system before the new power meter is installed. It can create a hazard for employees of the power company as they install the new meter, or as they work on nearby power lines.

This is the kind of power meter that allows you to feed power back into the grid. This allows you to take advantage of net metering and those sweet, sweet energy credits!

System Turn On

When the new power meter has been installed we then get to turn the whole thing on! This is the best part! We hook you up with a monitoring app and show you the ins and outs of the whole system.

The monitoring app allows you to see the details of your power production. You get to watch in real-time as the sun’s rays are turned into electricity for your home.

Most of the time it’s smooth sailing from here. If there are hiccups in the system’s operation we have a killer troubleshooting and repair team that can diagnose and resolve any issues.

Have more questions?

Feel free to reach out to us with questions that you might have. We do our best to keep you updated and in the know on this important process!