Now Entering:

The Install Phase

Here's what's coming up

Your solar goals are about to get real! We’ve entered the exciting installation phase! We’re ready to put all of our expertise to work for you. Our team of designers and engineers have already designed a perfect custom system and now with licensed electricians and installers we’re going to get that system up and running for you.

Here’s some quick reminders:

If we work together and communicate well, this whole thing is going to go a lot smoother. We’ll do our best to be on time, and be respectful of your property.


We typically will give you time windows. The work of installing solar is construction work. That means that there are unexpected complicating factors that often pop up. 

Our installs will take between a day and a few days. We’ll give you a time window of what part of the day we’ll be there, and it’s crucial that we have a decision-maker/homeowner there.

If we need access into the garage, attic, or yard we need one of the homeowners there to give us that access.


Since a solar installation is such an involved process, and there’s a significant investment being made, we do require one last confirmation. This involves a homeowner/decision-maker acknowledging that they do want solar and that we are authorized to move forward.

This may seem like a silly step since so much authorization has already happened, but we’ve learned that this is still important.

We want to make sure that going solar is a win-win, and that everyone is in full agreement of the terms, the design, and the initiation of the project.

What to expect

We like to work cleanly, and without causing too much of a disturbance. We don’t want to wake up half the neighborhood by making so much noise!

We also want to be respectful of your property. We’ll do our best to keep it clean while we’re there.


If these expectations aren’t being met please reach out to us. If something doesn’t seem quite right, let us know and we can make it right!

Our goal is to leave you feeling confident in the independence that power brings, and confident in your choice to go with Big Dog Solar. The sooner you communicate with us what questions or concerns you have, the sooner we can take care of it!

Have more questions?

Feel free to reach out to us with questions that you might have. We do our best to keep you updated and in the know on this important process!