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The Production Phase

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Your install is all done! What a sigh of relief! So, what comes next? Shouldn’t the panels be producing already??

Well, just like anything, we have to do a final check before we kick it on. We have to get into contact with the power company so that they know it’s installed. Then we’ll show you around your new system and how to monitor it!

Final Inspection

This part of the process depends on your jurisdiction. There may be one or more final inspections. These can be hard to wait for, as the panels are all in place and it seems like the only thing between you and renewable energy is just some paperwork.

These inspections are important. They certify a few things:

  • It will be safe for the power company employees to swap the new meter
  • There will be no harm caused to power company employees during outages when they try to repair any nearby downed lines
  • That we’re actually worth our salt as an install company and that we did it properly.
Some inspections are more involved than others. Some jurisdictions want to look at the back of the panels to check our wiring, they also most likely look at the batteries and inverters to see that they’re placed and wired properly. 
Because of this, in some jurisdictions, we leave one panel a bit easier to get at the end of the installation. This allows the inspector to look at it more easily. Then we come back later to take care of it.

Notify Utility Company

In this part of the process, we let the utility company know that we’re all done. They’ll be able to come by and swap out your old power meter for a nice new one.

The new power meter will allow you to harness net metering. This part of the process will take between one and two weeks, but it may be faster than that.

Permission to Operate

This is sometimes called PTO. It means that we have the final thumbs-up needed!

This is the happiest part of the solar process. When you get PTO, you can finally switch your system on and start generating power. Please don’t turn your system on before this point. It can be very dangerous as there is a large amount of power being generated. This is connected to your home and the power grid and we don’t want to cause damage to either of those!

System Setup

In this part of the process, we’re giving you the final handoff. We’ll give you a direct phone call where we go through all the important steps of setting up monitoring, turning the system on and making sure everything is ready to go.

Monitoring will allow you to see exactly how much power you’re generating and will help us if we ever need to remotely troubleshoot something with your system. It should be smooth sailing from here. If it’s not, reach out to us and we’ll do our best to help make it right!

Have more questions?

Feel free to reach out to us with questions that you might have. We do our best to keep you updated and in the know on this important process!