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Seven Steps to Solar Setup

An overview of the process we go through with all of our customers to get them hooked up with renewable energy. Read More

Three Things That You Didn’t Know

Learning is fun. Here are 3 fun facts about solar in Idaho.                                     

Live To Give

We’ve been blessed enough to be in business for over 20 years, because of the local residents that support local businesses. This is one small way that we can give back and hope to brighten people’s days.

Commercial Customer of Big Dog

Often times businesses can save more than residential customers, all while promoting Green Energy and a social responsibility for your company. Read More

Satisfied Big Dog Customer

Every homeowner is unique, but may also share some traits with some of our other customers. Listen to why this family went Solar with Big Dog and started saving money right away. Read More

Solar Saves Money

Saving with solar energy doesn’t have to be complicated. We try our best to explain the basic concept behind residential or commercial solar energy and where the savings come into play. Read More

How Strong Are Solar Panels?

Solar panels are great, but some people have fears of having panels break on them. Well fear no more, as we put the Silfab 300 to the test with Ice Chunks, baseballs, and Golf Balls. Read More

Solar Power: What Do People Really Know?

We go to the streets and get a first-hand look at what people know about solar and which fair foods make their mouths water. Get ready to chuckle.

A Big Dog Agent. Types of solar panels

Two Main Types of Panels

What’s the difference between mono crystalline and polycrystalline solar panels? Well, we’re here to explain the difference and the best situation for each. Read More

Meet The Team

Every team needs some all-stars and here are a few of our Big Dog Solar “All-Stars”. We’re proud of the work they do for all of our customers. Read More

Work Hard, Play Hard

Big Dog does all it can to ensure customer satisfaction. But when the working day is done taking needed breaks are also important, and we like each other enough to even play together on our days off… Big Dog Family!!! Read More

Energy solution Big Dog Employee

Alternate Energy Solution

Set your worries aside and let’s talk about what solar is, and what it’s not. Read More

Special Deliveries

Social distancing didn’t stop Big Dog from giving back to customers. Check out our unique ways we delivered gifts to customers! Read More

No Maintenance

Questions about maintenance? What if we told you there isn’t much at all! Now, that sounds like a win. Read More

Meet Dustin

Big Dog is like a family. Hear from one of our awesome crew guys about why he loves Big Dog!

Smart Choices by Going Solar

Often times businesses can save more than residential customers, all while promoting Green Energy and a social responsibility for your company. Read More

Mitch & The Customer

Mitch may be obnoxious, but the information is still good. Read More

Brad is the Man

Strong leadership leads to a solid foundation. Here is why Big Dog has been for over 20 years. Read More

Way of Life

You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take. Go big or go home. Read More

I Want That

Giving customers the ability to use their power when the grid is down. Read More 

Fun Fact

What’s up with that Texas? Read More

Solar Install

A sneak peak of how the magic happens. Read More

Mitch’s House

You’ll know more about Mitch than his own Mother. Read More

Heart at Ease

A close up look at how solar panels are connected to your roof. Read More

Investing for Long Term

Solar is a long term investment that will continue to pay back. Read More 

Self Sufficient

What’s the big deal? Having your own energy source is! Read More

The Solar Industry is Hot

Any time is a good time for solar, but there is a best time. Read More

Solar Panels and the Softball Gang

Residential and Commercial grade solar panels have to be pretty resilient to withstand hail and other flying objects. So we decided to see how much stress our local “Cyclone” 10U softball team could put on them. As it turns out, these kids could really sling it, but the solar panel withstood all the girls could throw at it. Read More

Solar Oven

We love our community! Come with us to see how some local STEM students do with their very own solar oven projects!

How Big Dog Got Started

If you’ve heard of solar, you’ve probably heard of Big Dog! Serving thousands of solar customers across the country for over 20 years, Big Dog is one of the best in the industry. Owners and founders, Brad and Michelle Barrett take us on the Big Dog journey as they describe how the company got started and become what it is today!


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