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Most homeowners struggle without solar because...

  • Frequent power outages disrupt daily life.
  • Traditional energy sources pollute air and water.
  • Can't prepare for storms, energy shortages, and more.
  • Fluctuating utility rates make budgeting difficult.
  • Traditional energy increases carbon footprint.
  • Can't keep indoor appliances running 24/7.

Fast, Efficient Installs

Focus on living life, not managing your solar installation. Our team deals with paperwork headaches, operations & long-term monitoring. Seriously, we've got your back.

Clear Communication

All of our customer service reps are in Pocatello, ID. We handle the customer service in house and keep you updated. Talk to real, local people.

Long-Term Support

Homeowners that go with us have a long-term solar partner. We'll take care of you with long warranties and comprehensive support! Be confident in your power.

Competitive Pricing

When you go solar with us, you'll get great value for the money. We've got affordable systems and options that can adapt to your budget. Get the best value for your money.
Big Dog Solar Energy has been installing photovoltaic systems for over a decade. We are proud to partner with other solar industry leaders to provide the best systems.
I had all the same skepticism but it's been amazing. We run the air all day every day. The electric company will continue to go up (inflation) but my bill will stay the same.
Shane Schloss
Residential Customer
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Residential Solar

Are you a homeowner considering installing solar panels for home energy efficiency?
Grid Tie Solar Systems
Grid Tie Solar w/ Batteries

Commercial Solar

Commercial solar power has the potential to save businesses and building owners more money each year.
Explore Commercial Solar

Agricultural Solar

Farms and agricultural properties are perfect for saving money and adding revenue streams with solar power.
Agricultural Solar Solutions
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