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Why Consider Solar Energy Installation?

Benefits of Residential Solar

How Solar Power (Grid Tie Solar) Saves You Money

As the cost of electricity continues to go up, and the amount you receive on your paycheck appears to keep going down, it is more important than ever to save money wherever you can.

Electricity, and your power bill, is one area that keeps climbing in cost and in order to ease the burden of that bill, you can look at ways to utilize natural sources of energy to supplement your energy costs specifically through use of solar energy, or photovoltaics. In fact, there are many types of solar energy systems to consider.

What are Grid-tie Solar Systems?

Grid-tie solar systems are systems in which solar panels are installed on your home, business, or other area, and then the solar power and light from the sun is collected through the panels, which energy is then transferred to an inverter, which then allows you to utilize the power for your needs. Any excess energy that is gathered is then transferred to your utility company through the grid, and because of your energy contribution, the utility company will typically give you credit for the excess solar power you provide.

Grid-tie Solar System Benefits

The grid-tie system is more cost-efficient than other solar systems because it omits the expense of having to buy a battery back up system, or building a solar system for off-grid purposes.

Additionally, solar power systems for residential or commercial properties are virtually maintenance-free. Aside from an occasional washing of the panels IF you want to, there really isn’t any required maintenance. Another benefit to having a grid-tie system is that, because you are still connected to the utility company, if there were to be a lot of dark, rainy days in a row, you wouldn’t be without power because you would still be able to use energy from the utility company, versus having to rely solely on solar energy or a battery back up system.



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Peace of Mind with Rock Solid Warranties

We’ve got warranties that keep you covered for 25 years. Solar has no moving parts and the panels are built like tanks to handle the toughest weather mother nature can throw at them. Customers love making the switch with Big Dog Solar because we’re not going anywhere. We started in the middle of a recession in 2008 and we’ve been going strong for 16 years. We’re with you for the long haul.

I had all the same skepticism but it's been amazing. We run the air all day every day. The electric company will continue to go up (inflation) but my bill will stay the same.
Shane Schloss
Residential Customer
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Residential Solar

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Farms and agricultural properties are perfect for saving money and adding revenue streams with solar power.
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