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5 Reasons Not to Go Solar

You do not own the home. Unless you are on the title of the property it is virtually impossible to have solar installed on that property.

Do you plan on moving within the next 3 years? If so, it might be better to wait to get. solar on your next home if you plan on being there for a longer period.

Shade. Energy production requires access to reasonable sunlight. If you live in Sherwood forest and the sun has a hard time finding you then it will be hard to justify the investment for solar with extremely limited production.

Does your local utility company offer a good buyback program? Most utilities do have good programs, but every once in a while we find some that leave you out in the cold when in comes to financial compensation.

Is your home on a permanent foundation? Not only is a solid, secure foundation required for financing purposes but it is also needed from a structural integrity standpoint.

For more information, check out our video on 5 Reasons Not to Go Solar!

What’s the maintenance and work required after panels are installed?

Solar panels have no moving parts. Therefore very little solar panel maintenance is required to keep the production optimal. Here’s some basic information on how to keep your panels clean.

Even though solar panels are kept fairly clean by rain and snow, if you live in a dusty area you can see a more significant build-up of dust and debris. In most cases, simply spraying them down with a hose will be sufficient to keep them operating at a high level. In addition to keeping the panel faces clean, some system owners find it advantageous to install Critter Guard around them to keep leaves and other debris from getting underneath the panels.

Even though there are many panel cleaning companies, the amount of extra power produced compared to the price you pay to have the panels professionally cleaned doesn’t add up to a net benefit. It’s not worth it.

How durable are they? (How long do they last? Can they handle hail, high wind, snow?)

Every panel manufacturer build their panels to certain specifications for durability and reliability. It is important to understand those specifications for the geographic location of the install. There are durable solar panels rated for high wind, hail and other weather-related factors.

Article we wrote with video examples In here there’s 4 videos. The first one that’s not from us has some impressive solar panel stunts. The others from us have some less impressive stunts. Good inspiration either way.

What are the tax benefits and incentives?

Federal tax credit: The Federal government offers a 30% tax credit for solar installations, which means that you can deduct 30% of the total cost of your system from the amount of taxes you owe. This allows you to keep those dollars in your pocket instead of paying them to Uncle Sam.

What about solar warranties for different products?

There are several different types of warranties that apply when purchasing a solar. Panels have a minimum performance warranty of 25 years but some are up to 30. There are also product warranties. Those are generally about 10-12 years and cover the physical condition of the product themselves rather than the products performance or production. Other components that have specific warranties are the Inverter (10-25 years), Batteries, if applicable (10-25 years). In addition to the physical components, a reputable solar installation company should offer a workmanship warranty of at least 10 years which generally covers anything faulty related to the craftsmanship of the install.

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