Agricultural Solar Energy

Solar for Farms

Are you one of the thousands of Americans who own land or buildings which are ideal for helping to reduce energy costs, but are not currently being utilized? Farms and agricultural properties are perfect for saving money and adding revenue streams with solar power.

With the number of outbuildings, barns, other site structures, farms often have an inherent makeup for terrific solar sites. Roofs with a lot of square footage or large areas of land that are typically unused are great homes for solar energy systems which can offset the high costs of daily power usage.

In many instances, grants and funding are available through the USDA for agricultural solar systems, thus dramatically reducing the overall cost of the system dramatically.

Agircultral Application for Solar Energy

Remote Electricity Supply

Sunlight can also generate electricity. Photovoltaic (PV) panels are often a cheaper option than new electric lines for providing power to remote locations. And because they require no fuel and have no moving parts, they are more convenient to operate and maintain than diesel or gasoline generators.

In some areas, the distance from a power source at which PV becomes more economical than new transformers and electric lines is surprisingly short—often as little as 50 feet.

PV systems are a highly reliable and low-maintenance option for electric fences, lights, and water pumps. Although current prices for solar panels make them too expensive for most crop irrigation systems, photovoltaic systems are economical for remote livestock water supply, pond aeration, and small irrigation systems.

In addition, the cost of PV is projected to decline significantly over time, which will make more applications cost-effective.

Why Invest in Solar

  • Electricity price increases – As the prices of electrical utilities continue to fluctuate and grow higher, your solar system will protect you against the increased costs by providing a way for you to generate your own electricity easily and efficiently. Should you have an increase in your need for power, adding on to your already installed solar system it can be done easily and quickly.
  • Net Meter – As the world turns there continues to be increased demand for energy. This means that it is even easier to set up Net Metering with your local utility company in order to earn credit from them during overproduction periods and then use those same credits when solar production periods are slower.
  • Cost of solar panels - The cost of solar panels and installation is not what it used to be. With the lower cost of parts and installation, the rate of return on your investment is much quicker than it used to be.

Water Pumping

When it comes to implementing solar energy on agricultural properties, water pumping is one of the easiest and most logical applications.

Solar powered water pumping can be used in irrigating crops, stock watering, domestic usage, and other water needs. In most cases these systems are able to assist in water storage for when the sun's not shining. Thus getting rid of the need for battery packs, as well as a more simplifying the process and total costs of the system.

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