Satisfied Big Dog Solar Customer

Video Transcription

Speaker 1: So we go over the 700 kilowatts, and Rocky Mountain starts charging a lot more at that point. So I started doing the math and figuring it out and figured for us it made a lot of sense to do the solar.




S1: They showed up and did it within a week. Didn’t take very long, we just had to wait for the inspector to show up.


Speaker 2: We just had talked about it and we have six kids, so we just wanted to save some money.


S1: We’ve had a few months that we’ve got more than we needed. A few months and we didn’t get enough. We don’t care if we have a little bit of a bill, we just wanna make sure we don’t ever have to pay the higher bill.




S1: I think it’s catching on in the area, I think a lot of people have started getting solar and telling their neighbors. I think most houses will have solar in about 10 years, new construction… California already passed a law, all new construction has to be zero energy homes. So, I think it’s coming this way as well.




S1: Ours are on the back shop.


S2: Yeah, so you don’t even see it.


S1: Most of our neighbors are like, “We didn’t even know you had solar panels,” so they blend in pretty good.

S2: Yeah, they look good. I’ve been very pleased with Big Dog.

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