Solar Panels and Electric Cars

It’s 2019 and in case you didn’t know, electric cars are taking over the world. Electric car sales are increasing, new car brands are hopping on the electric car bandwagon, and people are recognizing the benefits of driving electric vehicles.

It’s 2019 and in case you didn’t know, electric cars are taking over the world. Electric car sales are increasing, new car brands are hopping on the electric car bandwagon, and people are recognizing the benefits of driving electric vehicles. As technology improves and people and companies continue to innovate, electric car sales are projected to continue on an upward trend. So what makes electric cars so great? We’ll tell you!

What is an Electric Car?

First, let's break down what an electric car is. An electric car, often known as an EV, is a car that runs solely off of electric energy and requires no gas. Like the energizer bunny, they are battery-powered. Electric cars do not release any emissions due to their electric motor run by their rechargeable battery. EV’s are a great alternative to traditional cars that utilize fossil fuels, as they have no emissions or chemicals being released into the air when driven. Electric cars allow users to never worry about going to the gas station again! All that EV’s require is to be charged every night like your smartphone. EV cars are also great for thrill-seeking-sports-car-types because they have outstanding torque which allows for smooth turns and fast acceleration. 

The Growing Electric Car Industry

The ability to ditch gas and make the switch to electric vehicles is enticing an increasing amount of people as the technology improves and becomes more accessible. Stats show that electric car sales went up from 200,000 in 2017 to 360,000 in 2018. ( That is a big increase in one year! If sales continue to follow this trend then electric cars are going to become a large force to be reckoned with in the car market. According to predictions from the International Energy Agency, by 2030 there will be roughly 125 million electric vehicles on the road. The main seller of these electric cars is the well-known brand Tesla, which has traditionally only offered high end, expensive EV car options. However, recently Tesla has released a new car that is $36,000 in price, making electric cars more accessible to the general public. Other players have entered the electric car game as well and are offering viable options for EV and hybrid vehicles. Some of the top brands trying to get in on electric car action include Nissan, BMW, Chevrolet, and Ford. Options to buy electric cars are expanding on a big scale.

Why Drive an Electric Vehicle? 

There are many benefits to driving an electric car besides the fact that it is Elon Musk approved. EV cars are a great option for anyone who is looking to get a reliable car at an affordable price. As the prices of electric cars have dropped the option to choose electric cars to save money has become increasingly prevalent. Not only is the price of electric cars comparable to regular cars, but EV cars also require little to no maintenance on account that they do not require gas, oil, or as many moving parts that can break down or need repair. Electric cars are also a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and show some love to mother earth.

How Solar Panels and Electric Vehicles Work Together 

Just like peanut butter and jelly, solar panels and electric cars go together. Solar panels are a great option for charging an electric car at home because they provide convenience, cheaper energy than is available at many stations, and just like an electric car, they are environmentally friendly. When solar panels are installed on a home and running they fuel things in the average household like lights, refrigerators, TVs, you name it. However, when all of the things in a household are running and not all of the energy from the solar panels is being utilized, the excess energy is then transferred to a power grid that acts as a reservoir of energy where everyone contributes to and can pull from. For electric car owners, this is great news! Instead of having their car suck electricity up at home while charging, they can now dip into the reservoir of energy from the power grid to charge their vehicle for much lower prices.

Solar panels can be a major benefit for people looking to enter the world of electric vehicles. Not only do solar panels allow for cheaper at-home charging, but they also provide a way for consumers to eliminate all fossil fuel emissions from their driving process, which in turn helps reduce smog and pollution and improves air quality. Ultimately with electric cars and solar panels, you can't lose!

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