How Strong Are Solar Panels?

Video Transcription

Speaker 1: We are at Topper’s Park, and we are gonna find out today just how durable and tough our solar panels are.


Speaker 2: We’re gonna simulate a hailstorm.


S1: We are taking this ice and chucking it as hard we can.


S2: I don’t see any dings or scratches from the ice.


S1: Final verdict is, we don’t have very good arm strength really.


S2: What’s the next test?


S1: We are gonna hit the panels with baseballs.


S2: Kids have baseballs they throw around in the backyard.


S2: Not a scratch. Verdict of the baseball test is, it passed.


S1: Up next, we got the golf ball test.


S1: A lot of people live on golf courses, somebody slices real hard, like I tend to do.


S1: Golf ball goes straight and up and whacks the solar panels on someone’s roof. What’s gonna happen?


Camera Man: He has to hit it first.


S1: I’m gonna just chuck it at it. Golf test passed with flying colors and flying golf balls.


S2: Action.


S2: Whoa, in the mirror.

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